Mary Richardson

Hi, Thank you for getting to know us better before we care for your furry loved ones. From a young age I've had a strong passion for animals, and now Kodacare is that passion.  Currently I'm the pack leader for my puppys Koda the Samoyedand Kalista the Siberian Husky, along with two cats Hera a Siamese mix and Nittany.  Let's not forget,  Ju Ju beans, the dwarf hamster.  I have always taken every opportunity to be actively involved with  animals and their well being.  I've worked in the veterinary field for over 8 years and have developed many skills such as: certified in pet first aid, humane animal restraint, nail trims, administering vaccines and other diagnostics.  I bring those skills with to every pet visit.  Your furry loved are part of the Kodacare family and will be treated with the care and compassion they deserve.  


Animals have been my passion since the very beginning.  I grew up surrounded by many different types of pets and i loved them all. I have over fifteen years of experience in the animal care field, over eight in the veterinary care field and about 6 years of experience working in grooming shops! I started pet sitting on a regular basis back in 2009 and it has become what I do for a living, I love every minute of it! I have two cats named Igor and Sugar cat, a dog named muffin, a bearded dragon named Bowser and multiple aquarium set ups!  It makes me happy to know that your loved ones are in the best of care while  you are away. 

I have always had a great compassion for all animals. I was employed with an animal rescue and adoption organization for 15 years. During that time I spent 5 years working as a vet tech with the shelter animals and also with cats of a feral spay and neuter clinic. I spent many years caring for horses. I have owned all types of animals. Currently our family owns 2 senior Labradors Angie and Emma. We have a 2 year old Boxer/Shep X Jasper and 2 cats Holly and Chowder. 

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